Point Supreme Overlook

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Ut

Amazing Views, Geological Wonders, and Accessible at 10,350 ft

Difficulty: Accessible

Length: 0.3 mi
Elevation Gain: 20 ft
Approximate Hiking Time: 15-20 min
Features: Geological Features
Nearest Town: Cedar City, Ut

Point Supreme Overlook provides a great starting point to exploring Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Experience the kaleidoscope of colors offered by the many geological features of Cedar Breaks National Monument.  Reds, oranges, whites, and browns provide the backdrop for the green trees and blue skies.

  • Trail Condition 100% 100%
  • Usage 100% 100%
  • Trail Head Easy to Find 100% 100%
  • Kid Friendly 100% 100%

Hike Highlights

1. Amazing Landscape Views

Point Supreme Overlook is a great place to enjoy the Cedar Breaks geology.  At the start of the hike, check out the informational signs to learn more about the geological features.

2. Visitor Center

The Cedar Breaks Visitor Center is located about half way between the entry booth and Point Supreme.  There is a tiny museum at the back of the Visitor Center that overlooks the amphitheater.

3. Accessibility

A paved, flat trail leads to Point Supreme Overlook making it possible to visit with wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

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Hike Overview

Trailhead Directions

The trailhead starts at the entrance booth which is located just beside the parking area.  Note that Cedar Breaks National Monument is a fee area.

Point Supreme Trailhead
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Hike Details

It is a relaxing walk from the entrance booth to the main overlook behind the Visitor Center.  Stop and read the information signs at the beginning of the path which give information on the geological features, flora, and fauna at Cedar Breaks.  Continue down the path from the information signs to the visitor center. 

Cedar Breaks Visitor Center
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At the back of the Visitor Center is another small informational board.  The small museum is a fun area for older kids to guess the answers to Cedar Breaks trivia.  Once you are done exploring the Visitor Center, continue out to the viewpoint. 

Can you spot the arches hidden in and among the hoodoos and fins? 

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Why is this hike rated accessible?

The area from the parking area to the viewpoint is paved and relatively flat.  It’s also a pretty short walk to some amazing views.

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