Lake Shore and Marina

East Canyon State Park

East Canyon State Park, Swimming, Picnicing

Difficulty: Accessible

Length: 0.6 mile (loop)
Elevation Gain: 25 ft
Approximate Hiking Time: 0.5 hr
Features: Swimming and picnicing
Nearest Town: Morgan, Ut

Take a relaxing walk around East Canyon State Park from the parking area by the lake front to the marina and docks.

While you are enjoying your walk, read about the history of East Canyon and the State Park.

  • Trail Condition 100% 100%
  • Usage 100% 100%
  • Trail Head Easy to Find 100% 100%
  • Kid Friendly 100% 100%

Hike Highlights

1. Relax and Unwind

If you’re visiting East Canyon State Park the path along the lake shore is a great place to enjoy views of the lake.  Reserve a day use spot, pack a picnic, and spend the day.

2. History

As you walk along the trail look out for signs explaining the history of East Canyon.  There are also some signs by the yurts.

3. All Things Water

The trail provides access to the water at the marina, docks, and lake; although you’ll need to walk over some grass and a set of stairs to get right up to the water.

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Hike Overview

Trailhead Directions

To find the trailhead enter East Canyon State Park through the North Entrance off of Hwy 66.  This is the same entrance that accesses the Dixie Creek campground, marina, and picnic area.  Note that this is a fee area.

Follow the signs to the day use area and parkinglots.  Walking paths can be accessed from the two main parking areas.

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Hike Details

Follow the path as it winds through the day use area and down to the docks and marina where you can watch boats entering the water or read signs about the history of East Canyon State Park.

East Canyon State Park Docks
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Book a day use area or sit on the grass and enjoy a picnic, relax in the sun, or enjoy the water.

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The beach is accessible by sets of stairs connecting it to the park area.  While other state parks do have nicer beaches, East Canyon isn’t too bad with sand and shallow water for a pretty good distance into the lake.

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Why is the trail accessible?

Cemented paths run around the day use area of East Canyon State Park.

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