In My Own Way (A Slow Hiker's Lament)

by Dakota Blue

You hike so slow,

It’s such a long way to go.

Why, yes I do!  And what’s it to you?

If it takes me all day, to go the whole way

to the end of the trail.  I certainly don’t feel frail.

I feel strong and brave.  It’s only my energy that I save.

For while the view is the top; all the way up I will stop. 

To take it all in with the sun on my face and wind on my skin. 

So please don’t worry about me.  My heart is filled with glee. 

Because though I hike slow, and it’s such a long way to go,

I’m happy today to finish In My Own Way.

Because no matter how slow or how fast; or frankly how many times I get passed,

It’s achievement of a goal that I seek; And a glimpse of the world that I peak.

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