Double O, Navajo, and Partition Arches

Arches National Park

Arches National Park, Geological Wonders

Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 5.1 miles (out and back)
Elevation Gain: 680 ft
Approximate Hiking Time: 3-4 hr
Features: Geological Wonders
Nearest Town: Moab, Ut

Have you been dreaming about hiking one of the fins in Arches National Park? 

Now’s your chance to make that dream a reality.  Plus, you’ll get the added bonus of checking out another cool arch that is slightly out of the way.  I mean win-win, right?

  • Trail Condition 70% 70%
  • Usage 70% 70%
  • Trail Head Easy to Find 100% 100%
  • Kid Friendly 35% 35%

Hike Highlights

1. Double O Arch

Located farther away from the Visitor Center than most arches, less people overall make the trip.  Plus it’s a really beautiful arch.

2. Sandstone Fins

Millions of years ago the sandstone sat far below the earth until different forces caused it to wrinkle in what we see today.   Getting a chance to hike on one of these fins can be a scary (if you don’t like heights), but magical experience.

3. Navajo and Partition Arches

A small side trail will take you to Navajo and Partition arches.  The view from here is truly incredible.

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Hike Overview

Trailhead Directions

From the Devil’s Garden trailhead, take the trail to Landscape Arch.  At Landscape Arch you’ll have two route choices to Double O Arch.  Either head straight, the most direct and easier of the routes.  Or go right at the fork onto the Primitive Trail, the longest and hardest route in Devil’s Garden.

We recommend going straight and taking the easier route.  The Primitive Trail route requires navigation over slick rock, is not always an obvious well-defined trail, and requires rock scrambles in some places.  If you have energy to spare and are comfortable with trail navigation take the primitive route back to the trail head.

Hike Details

Heading straight and taking the easier route from Landscape Arch, you’ll find another junction in the trail about 0.4 miles away.  If you take this side trail, you’ll find Navajo and Partition Arches with epic views of the surrounding area.  It adds about 0.8 miles to the hike, but is well worth it.

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Once you’re done exploring Navajo and Partition arches, if you’ve chosen to of course, head back to the main trail that takes you to Double O Arch.  Shortly after you’re back on the trail you’ll find yourself hiking on one of the fins.  There is a steep climb up one of the areas which may require you to use both hands and feet.  If you are hiking with children pay especially close attention as there are some narrow sections with steep drop-offs.

Double O Arch at Devils Garden
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You’ll also find some areas of the trail are sloping and require following cairns, little and distinct piles of rocks.  The hike is moderately trafficked and worth the treat at the end.  After descending a slope you’ll be treated with views like this:

arches nationalpark
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Once you’re done exploring the Double O Arch you can either hike back the way you came to the trail head, continue on to Dark Angel, or take the Primitive Trail (hard-advanced) back.

Before starting out on your journey make sure you have plenty of water and some salty snacks for the trail.  It’s easy to get dehydrated, especially in the summer.  Plan to spend more time in Devil’s Garden than you think you might.  Once you get going it’s easy to want to see arch after arch after arch.


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