Balanced Rock Trail

Arches National Park

Arches National Park, Geological Wonders

Difficulty: Accessible

Length: 0.3 miles (full loop)
Elevation Gain: 45 ft
Approximate Hiking Time: 0.5-1 hr
Features: Geological Wonders
Nearest Town: Moab, Ut

How can a rock that size balance like that? 

Standing about 128ft tall and weighing in around 3600 lbs, Balanced Rock is a great stop for families visiting Arches National Park.  It’s an accessible hike to the viewing point and an easy hike around the base of Balanced Rock that’ll get you up cloase and personal with one of the many natural wonders in the park.

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Hike Highlights

1. Balanced Rock

It’s 3600lbs and yet appears to be delicately balanced on another rock.  Crazy. 

2. Accessibility

While getting to the view point does require some walking, the trail is accessible, stroller friendly, and you actually don’t have to go to the view point to still enjoy this natural wonder. 

3. Family Friendly

Whether you choose to head to the view point or complete the entire loop, this hike is a great option for the whole family. 

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Hike Overview

Trailhead Directions

Enter Arches National Park, which is a fee area.  Follow the main road through the park for about 9.2 miles to the parking area for the Balanced Rock Trail. 


Hike Details

From the Balanced Rock trailhead take the paved path to the view point about 0.15 miles away.  This part of the trail is accessible and a great hike for people of all skill levels (even for those who are non-hikers).

If you’re up for a longer walk you can opt to take the trail around Balanced Rock from here.  The surface of the trail is packed dirt and will give you different angles to check out Balanced Rock.


Why is this trail accessible?

The path from the trailhead to the viewing area is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers.

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