Archeology Trail

Zion Canyon National Park, Ut

Historical Significance, Steps from the Visitor Center, and Short and Sweet

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 0.4 mi
Elevation Gain: 50 ft
Approximate Hiking Time: 20-30 min
Features: Historical Significance
Nearest Town: Springdale, Ut

Archeology Trail is short, sweet, and just outside the Zion Canyon National Park Visitor Center.  It is an easy introductory hike with pretty views of the surrounding area and information about the Ancestral Puebloan people.

  • Trail Condition 90% 90%
  • Usage 90% 90%
  • Trail Head Easy to Find 90% 90%
  • Kid Friendly 100% 100%

Hike Highlights

1. Historical Significance

An anciet storage shelter of the Ancestral Puebloan people once sat at the top of the hill.  While you’ll need some imagination to picture it, try searching for it’s outline.

2. Short and Sweet

Waiting for the rest of your troupe to peruse the gift shop?  Need to stretch your legs?  Not in love with hiking, but still want to get up high for some pretty views?  Try this one!

3. Close to the Visitor Center

Cross the road from the Visitor Center and hop on the trail.  No need to take the shuttle to the trailhead!

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Hike Overview

Trailhead Directions

Enter Zion National Park and park at the Visitor Center.  This hike heads up the small hill right outside the Visitor Center, but isn’t particularly well signed.  Cross the road heading towards the oversize vehicle and bus parking lot.  Keep an eye out for the small signs and follow them!  There is a good trailhead sign just below the area where the visitor buses are parked.

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Hike Details

Thousands of years ago the Ancestral Puebloan people dwelled in the Southwestern United States living off the land.  This hike ends at the site of an ancient storage shelter thought to once hold food that was farmed or gathered from the area.

Follow the well-established trail as it winds up the hill to reach the top of the hill.  It is a bit rocky and slightly washed out in places, but overall is a pretty easy walk up.

There is a sign at the top of the hill that describes life in the desert of the Ancient Puebloan people.  You can picture where the storage shelter used to be if you really use your imagination, but there really isn’t much by way of evidence left.

The real treat at the top is the view of the surrounding area.  Especially when you consider it’s such a short, quick hike up.

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Why is this hike rated easy?

Archeology Trail is one of the easiest trails in Zion Canyon that gets you up above the buildings to see Zion Canyon from up above.  It’s a short, steady climb and the trail is in pretty good condition.

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