Hike Utah 

Hiking:  The act of walking long distances in nature.

One of the best ways to experience Utah is to lace up those shoes and hit the trail.  While you can still enjoy much of what Utah has to offer from observation points, nothing will replace the experience of getting up close and personal with nature.

About Us

We’ve hit the trails in cities, on scenic drives, in the National and State park systems, and in the National Forest system.

We’re a family of 5 who got into hiking after having kids.  Yup you read that right – after having kids. Before we had kids we were “too busy” to explore the great outdoors.  Insert eye roll here.

Now our lives are far more chaotic and we have learned how being in nature helps us to center and relieve stress. Our family hikes throughout Utah (and not just in the National Parks).  We hope this website will help encourage you to get outside and get movin’.


Building Memories

“I wish I worked more,” said no one ever.  Spend more time outdoors making memories with the people you love.  Trust us … you won’t regret it.


Hike responsibly

There’s nothing worse than attempting a hike that is too advanced for your current skill set and fitness.  It can be dangerous and frustrating and you probably won’t have fun anyways.

Hikes on the website range from “something everyone can enjoy” to “advanced hikers only”.  Don’t forget to check the trail rating before heading out.  Remember failing to plan is planning to fail.

Follow good hiking ettiquette to protect the natural lands for everyone to enjoy.  Don’t litter, if you pack it in pack it out, and stay on the trail.


National Parks

State Parks

National Forests

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Our Resources

Find Your Trail

There’s a trail for everyone.  Check out our guides to Utah’s awesome trails.  Find yours now.

Take a Look Around Utah

Discover Utah’s amazing places and faces, natural landscapes, quaint towns, and historical sites.

Hiking Tips

Ideas, safety tips, and gear to make your hike fun, safe, and memorable.

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